The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education requires one hour of Visual Arts per week to be taught in the classroom, and the Alexandria Museum of Art is here to help you with that task. The educators' guides below provide teachers with classroom ready projects.

Past Exhibitions

Les Christensen and John Salvest: Out of the Ordinary

Artists Les Christensen and John Salvest use ordinary materials to create extraordinary works of art that comment on our daily concerns. Their work uses the connection between the title, the materials and the amazing forms these everyday materials take to communicate a message. Such works are perfect for encouraging critical discussion and writing. This guide contains an art interpretation/writing lesson that will encourage critical thought, research and writing as well as a lesson on how to create fantastical works of art from items once thought to be garbage. The art interpretation lesson would make a wonderful companion to a tour at AMoA.

Click the links below the photo to access the guide and images.

Out of the Ordinary (pdf)

Out of the Ordinary Images for Educators (PowerPoint File)


Aaron Douglas and Arna Bontemps: Partners in Activism

This AMoA Educators’ Guide is based on the works of artist, Aaron Douglas and Alexandria born author, Arna Bontemps, both featured in the Alexandria Museum of Art exhibition, Arna Bontemps and Aaron Douglas: Partners in Activism. We are celebrating these creative men by offering two lessons that will introduce your students to their work. Students will study the poetry of Arna Bontemp and the illustrations of Aaron Douglas and create their own ekphrastic poetry and illustrations inspired by their work.

The guide also contains information about the artists, about The Harlem Renaissance and worksheets and Poetry Terms. There is also a PowerPoint of images to accompany the lesson.

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Aaron Douglas and Arna Bontemps: Partners in Activism (pdf)

Partners in Activism Images for Educators (PowerPoint File)


Pat Musick and Jerry Carr: Our Fragile Home

This exhibition by Pat Musick and Jerry Carr portrays the feelings of fragility described by astronauts as they looked down on earth from space.  It is a call to care for our environment, to nurture and sustain our fragile home.  The eight sculptural elements are made up of both fragile and strong elements in order to represent the balance between the strength and fragility of our world.  This guide contains information about the artists, an arts integrated science lesson about ecosystems and assemblage art pieces, writing and research prompts and teacher resources. The companion Images for Educators contains all the images you will need to teach this lesson. Click on the links below the picture to access the guide and images.



Pat Musick and Jerry Carr: Our Fragile Home Educators' Guide (pdf)

Our Fragile Home Images for Educators  (PowerPoint File)


Ellsworth and William Woodward: Impressions of the Southland

Brothers William and Ellsworth Woodward were visionaries in the art world of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born and educated in Massachusetts, they made their names in the Southeastern, United States as artists and educators. The Woodwards were key figures in the birth of collegiate education for women and helped found H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women at Tulane University. William Woodward was also an important figure in the preservation of historic New Orleans architecture and helped found the Tulane School of Architecture. The lessons in this quarter’s guide will explore Impressionism, architecture, and the social implications of college education for women. The guide includes information about the artists, a Visual Thinking Strategies activity, writing prompts, an academically integrated visual arts activity and an architecture/math activity.

Ellsworth and William Woodward: Impressions of the Southland Educator's Guide (pdf)

Ellsworth and William Woodward: Impressions of the Southland Images for Eduator's (PowerPoint File)


Belle Yang: Crossing Cultures

Artist Belle Yang emigrated from China with her parents at the age of 7 and returned to China in her twenties where she witnessed the Tiananmen Massacre. Her paintings, children’s books and graphic novels explore stories of her ancestors and those of the modern Chinese that have been lost due to war and censorship. Her goal was to give voices to those with no voice. The lessons in this guide explore graphic storytelling and writing. Students are encouraged to tell their own stories and those of their families.

Belle Yang: Crossing Cultures Images for Educators (PowerPoint File)


James Michalopoulos: Rapt in Color

In addition to information about New Orleans artist, James Michalopoulos and his artwork, this guide contains several lessons. This Old House integrates writing and visual arts and Big Easy Buildings integrates math, engineering and art to push students to consider how they can build their own hurricane proof houses. The guide also contains information about traditional New Orleans architecture and how architecture in New Orleans has changed in the wake or Hurricane Katrina. 

James Michalopoulos: Rapt in Color Educator's Guide (.pdf file)

James Michalopoulos: Rapt in Color images for educators (PowerPoint file)


Theo Tobiasse: Textural Emergence

When Pictures Are Not Enough - Using words and art together and discussing Tobiasse’s ritual of hiding symbols, words or phrases in his art.

Theo Tobiasse: Textural Emergence Educators' Guide (pdf)

Theo Tobiasse: Textural Emergence Educator's Guide (PowerPoint)


Reflections: African American Life from the Myrna Colley-Lee Collection

Twentieth century African-American life is reflected in paintings, works on paper, and fabric creations -- all from the collection of costume designer and arts patron, Myrna Colley-Lee.

Reflections: African American Life Education Guide (pdf)

Reflections: African American Life Education Guide (ppt)


Stephen Knapp: Painting with Light

“Lightpaintings” are glass that is cut, shaped, polished, treated with layers of metallic coatings, mounted on stainless steel, and illuminated with light bulbs are installed on gallery walls and ceilings. The multi-dimensional prisms refract and reflect colored light onto the surrounding space.

Stephen Knapp - Painting With Light Education Guide (pdf)

Stephen Knapp - Painting With Light Education Guide Images (ppt)


Exploring Modern Portraiture

Learn about various types of portraiture, from the community based portrait work of contemporary portrait artist, Ray Turner to the Pop-Art celebrity portraits of Andy Warhol. Based on the exhibitions Population  and portrait selections from the Guild Hall’s permanent collection, this guide features art integrated lesson plans that will encourage students to delve into the mathematics of the human face, the psychology of the portrait and the color theory of Andy Warhol.

Exploring Modern Portraiture (pdf)

Exploring Modern Portraiture (ppt)


Luz-Maria Lopez: Mayan Creation Stories

Luz-Maria Lopez tells the myths and Maya folklore told to her by her grandmother in her exhibition, Mayan Creation Myths. This guide connects to literacy and math through her paintings.

Luz Maria Lopez Educator's Guide (word)

Luz Maria Lopez Educator's Guide Companion Images (ppt)

Mayan and Pre Columbian Art (ppt)


Linda Stein: The Fluidity of Gender

The work of Linda Stein emphasizes compassion, empathy, and equality. The lessons in this guide engage students in storytelling, writing, and literacy activities.

Linda Stein Educator's Guide (pdf)

Linda Stein Educator's Guide (ppt)


Obsessive Worlds

The Obsessive Worlds exhibition focuses on art that is labor intensive and uses minute details to create a whole. The lessons in this guide focus on art and literacy.   


Obsessive Worlds: The Educator's Guide (pdf)

Additional Lessons

Kuba Cloths Project

Kuba Cloths (doc)

African Pottery

Illustrated Procedure - African Pottery (pdf)

James McNeil Whistler Project

Printing the River with Whistler (doc)

Whistler Etchings from The Thames Set and Mississippi River Art (ppt)

Shadow Shapes Project

Shape Lesson (doc)