Alexandria Museum of Art Collection

Alexandria Museum of Art holds more than 800 original works of art in its permanent collection. The scope of the AMoA permanent collection encompasses prominent 20th-21st century artists from Louisiana and the South, artists whose work reflects cultures of the South, as well as artists who have influenced or been influenced by the South. Highlights include a large collection of 20th century modern printmaking techniques, nearly one hundred silver gelatin prints by Elemore Morgan, Sr., more than one hundred works by Max Papart, high quality examples of Newcomb College Art Pottery, and significant works by Southern artists such as Clementine Hunter, Margaret Evangeline, Ida Kohlmeyer, Emery Clark, Hunt Slonem, and Will Henry Stevens.

  • James Coignard
    Les Integrations (Title Page)
  • Henrietta Bailey, decorator & Joseph Fortuné Meyer, potter
    Arts and Crafts Newcomb College Pottery Vase
  • Emery Clark
    View Reflections
  • Amy Guidry
    Man in the Park
  • Elemore Morgan, Sr.
    The Last Sazerac
  • Sharon E. Sutton
    Silk Stockings and Candlelit Cafés
  • Ida Kohlmeyer
    Holy Man
  • Max Papart

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